*** Traffic from 150 – 10,000 clicks PER DAY ***

*** 100% Tier 1 Traffic ***
*** Guaranteed Opt-ins***
*** Guaranteed 100% Bot Free***
I was new to the whole idea of taking out solo ads, Matthew walked me through the whole process, even going as far as telling me how to track my clicks. 

I purchased 150 clicks from him and as a result I made over $1,600.00. 

Do I even have to tell you that you definitely must do business with this man?

Jens Elmera

Welcome to my PREMIUM TRAFFIC Page….

From the Desk of Matthew Barnett

Without doubt, the BEST CLICKS available in Internet Marketing / BIZOP.

I’m making some HUGE GUARANTEES for you.

And here’s why.

Solo Ads just aren’t what they used to be.  The market place has changed massively in the 6 years I’ve been running traffic for people.  These days there are literally thousands of sellers who will sell you 100 clicks at a time at rock bottom prices.

But there’s a reason why.  Their traffic SUCKS.  They can’t deliver any more than these tiny amounts, and their traffic is terrible.  Lists full of ‘Freebie Seekers’, BOT traffic (fake clicks by software, not real people) and terrible conversions for your offer.

You can’t scale your business delivering tiny amounts of traffic that doesn’t work.

You need HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC that you can SCALE!


  • 100% BOT FREE – your UNIQUE CLICKS will be 100% FREE FROM BOT TRAFFIC (Fake Traffic)
  • 40% opt in rate – you will get 40% opt in rate on your squeeze page – Guaranteed.  If you don’t we will continue to deliver more traffic until you hit 40% minimum (*see notes).
  • 100% Tier 1 – 100% of the traffic we deliver will be from Tier 1 Countries (US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ)
  • 100% USA – Options for 90% Tier 1 and 100% USA also available
  • Fast Delivery – Up to 10,000 clicks delivered per day to your offer.
  • Buyers Lists Included – Every time you order from us, you will get buyers lists sent to and included in the traffic you receive
  • Satisfaction – you WILL be pleased with our service!

*** Traffic from 150 – 10,000 clicks PER DAY ***

Want to know more about how to run successful campaigns with my traffic? Contact me and we can discuss everything you need to know about running a successful traffic campaign.  I will happily provide you with a FREE 30 minute Skype consultation with every purchase to review your plans, squeeze page and funnel.

*** Free 30 minute Skype Consultation ***

Skype me on matthew.barnett once you have ordered to book a time to talk.

Awesome Traffic

This is traffic from a typical traffic run from me.  Do you want AWESOME traffic like this hitting your offer?

FRESH Lists?  FRESH Leads?

Do I keep my lists FRESH with New Subscribers?  You bet!  Check out the fresh leads on just one of my lists from today and yesterday – over 1,600 new leads in 2 days.


Pricing is based on your offer and the volume of traffic you are buying.  Contact me to discuss.

How To Order

As a result of building this business since 2010, most of my clicks are already pre-sold to existing, trusted clients.  

If you wish to purchase clicks in volume from me I will need to assess your offer’s suitability before purchase.

Add me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mbkrm , Skype me on matthew.barnett or email me on support@killerresultsmarketing.com for approval to purchase.

Payment is by PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER or BITCOIN only.  If you are outside of the UK, I recommend using Transferwise for your Bank Transfer to save fees and speed up the process.  Go Here to register with Transferwise.


More KILLER Testimonials

“OMG!!!! If you guys haven’t got a solo from Matthew then you’re missing out, Matthew’s traffic rocks. I paid for 100 clicks and got 132 unique clicks – 32% over delivery. My funnel coverted at 57% and I made a butt load of sales a 7.76% conversion – over $270!. This solo more than paid for itself!
Thanks Matthew for all that you do I will always buy traffic from your list.”

“I did a very small initial solo ad with Matthew and got great results.  A little over 15% over delivery, 36% optins, and 2 sales.  I’ve already ordered again”
Melanie Nichols
I’m a repeat buyer of Matthew’s because his solos are fantastic! He always delivers fast and I always make sales off of his traffic. I recommend him to others  who are looking for a reliable solo ad seller who delivers high-quality traffic and overdelivers.  Thanks Matthew for the terrific solo ads!.”
Zachary Lee
“I have had great experiences buying solo ads from Matthew Barnett.  High conversions and great results!  I recommend Matthew to anyone.  And I will definitely be coming back for more!”
Brenna Peabody
“Ok, so I’m not sure where you get your leads from, but I was crushing it with your solo.

Your definitely on my rolodex of HQ Solo ads to grab for great conversion’s. I ordered 150 clicks, and was able to bring in 87 optins, and 12 oto sales, which made me $304.40!

I’m highly recommending you to new clients of mine Matt!”

Todd Dowell
“Scrembo here with some great news! Bought a solo from Matthew Barnett and got an awesome 48% OVERDELIVERY and good conversion of 46%  Great solo , Thanks man  love it!.”
“Recently I ordered a 100 clicks solo ad from Matthew Barnett.  He is a nice guy & I know you’ve already noticed it if you’ve the chance to chat with him. He generated massive 161 unique clicks. Now that’s 61% over-delivery. It converted 38.51% so if you’re looking for high quality solo ads to generate tons of new leads then go get some clicks from Matthew.”
Towhid Zamen
“WOW, Out of every SOLO I have ordered Matthews SOLO crushed it. I ordered 350 clicks and ended up with 520 clicks with over 300 added to my list.  Not only that but I made $650 on the OTO which was not expected. Obviously Matthews solos are pure quality!.  A very happy KME Byrne.”
KME Byrne
“Matthew, you solo ads are the best! You list is just loaded with buyers and my products start at $130.00!

You over delivered on clicks and the resulting sales were
simply amazing.

Over $800 dollars in sales in under 48 hours.

It just doesn’t get much better than this. I’m not sure
where you get your leads from, but they are killer!

You crushed this thing for me and I really appreciate that
and the fact that you’re so helpful and have an excellent
line of communication. That alone is very important to me
and I’m sure lots of others!”

Gordon Taylor
“Matthew’s solo ads are on my priority list of best internet marketers today. He is recognized by industry experts as a high quality solo ad seller. His solo ads were used several times for my sales funnel. With last purchased 100 clicks I ganed 44 new subscribers and he delivered 69 extra clicks. Thank you kindly Matthew. Looking forward to buy from you again.”
Kata Santek
“I wanted to get started with paid advertising. But there are so many Solo Ads out there I didn’t know where to start. Matthew made it easy to understand and the options are simple to choose from. Prices are great and his delivery of the clicks is quick and on time.

The quality of the clicks produced hundreds of optins and more sales that expected! Solo Ads made simple and results you can count on!”

Jamie Cinq-Mars
“DUDE! Your solo ad went GREAT! Not only did I make $217.38 pure PROFIT ($1.50 total EPC!), but I also got an amazing opt-in rate too! I’ll definitely be recommending you to all my students, and will definitely be buying from you again for weeks to come! :)”
James Francis
“I purchased a solo ad from Matt, not only did he over deliver on clicks but I achieved a 51% opt in rate and made a couple of OTO sales – happy days!”
Peter Jones
“Hi Mathew! I didn’t want to miss to thank you for the awesome solo you made for me the other day. 20% over delivery – great! Thanks and see you next time! Best, Rainer”
Rainer Diehl
“Hey guys,
Matt’s solo services are awesome! I bought 150 clicks and he gave me 184! Got around 36% optin rate and I can say he is a honest solo! Killer stuff man!
Abel Chua
“Matthew Barnett had a great and responsive list and I come back to him every time I am looking for quality traffic.  Bought 150 clicks and got 174 uniques delivered.
Chad Eljisr
“Hi Matthew

I was super impressed with your solo! Not only did
you overdeliver on clicks, but my opt in rate was
outstanding. Not to mention, I doubled my investment
from your solo ad in the first 24 hours alone!

I will recommend your service to everyone!

Cheers, Eric”

Eric S
“I bought a 150 click solo from Matthew and the clicks are still coming.
Delivered almost 250 clicks with a good conversion rate and a couple of OTO sales.
Will certainly use his list again.


Neil Johnson
“Hi Matthew!
Thanks for the great solo! You over delivered with 196 clicks on a 150 click solo and a 50% opt in!
Thanks again! Great Job and nice to work with! It was a pleasure!
Denise Johnson
“I bought a solo ad from Matthew Barnett and he made it a very positive experience for me. He over-delivered on clicks and gave me some tips too.  I got a lot of people on my list from him and was very happy with the results. He delivers FAST!  Thanks Matthew. ”
Jeanette Bailey, MA

Terms and Conditions

  • Clicks Delivered are UNIQUE CLICKS from email traffic / mixed email & funnel traffic (specifiy your preference when ordering)
  • Payment is for unique clicks. The seller bears no responsibility for the number of conversions, subscribers or sales you make
  • No Refunds are available under any circumstances.  If you are unsure if this service is for you, contact me before you buy to discuss.
  • Clicks will typically be delivered within 24 hours of agreed start time.  Order your traffic now and we will get you in the queue and let you know when we will be delivering your clicks.
  • Please contact me before ordering so I can check the suitability of your URL
  • 40% opt in guarantee is based on us being able to review and suggest changes to your squeeze page.  If you do not want to make changes to your squeeze page, the 40% opt in guarantee will not apply.  Guarantee also only applies to clicks bought via this page at full price (any special offers I run from time to time / special offer pricing does not include this guarantee).  You must ask about this BEFORE placing your order to confirm you are buying at full price.
  • While you are welcome to submit a swipe with your URL, I reserve the right to change the swipe in part or in its entirety to ensure it is consistent with the style of my emails to my list and to ensure the clicks are delivered to you as ordered.
  • Contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mbkrm , Skype me on matthew.barnett or email me on support@killerresultsmarketing.com to purchase


Add me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mbkrm , Skype me on matthew.barnett or email me on support@killerresultsmarketing.com

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